Vitrum IV

New And Young

In 2008 the motto was "New and Young" - a direct reference for the new generation of glass artists appearance, there is much more important innovation factor, than age. The festival was attended by 42 glass artists from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

Julija Pociūtė, Vision
Julija Pociūtė, Vision
Mare Saare, Flower XX // Vytautas Janulionis, Orange on m sill Nr. 8
Valda Verikaitė, Geneticly modificated
Anna Vesele, Moment
Mare Saare, Flower XX
Kai Kiudsoo-Varv, La Nuit (Night)
Valmantas Gutauskas, Fishes come back home III
Edita Radvilavičiūtė - Utarienė, Is it… - Love?